Staff Editors

Charo Rodriguez

Director of Communications and Marketing

Charo Rodriguez, Director of Communications

Charo’s journey at BFIS commenced in 2012 when she brought her extensive background in Advertising and Media to our institution.


Her career in the field of communications spans a remarkable three decades, during which she lent her expertise to various advertising agencies and communications powerhouses like BBDO, Dentsu, and Publicis Media, holding key roles as Communication and Marketing Director.


Before joining our BFIS family, Charo transitioned into the realm of marketing consultancy in 2003, making her mark on both sides of the Atlantic. Her international experience includes a stint at the Spain-US Chamber of Commerce in New York, where she honed her skills in crafting impactful marketing strategies. She also contributed her talents to the THR Consultancy group in Barcelona, further solidifying her reputation as a dynamic force in the industry.


In 2012, Charo embarked on her current role as the Communications and Marketing Director at BFIS. In this pivotal position, she not only spearheads our school’s branding efforts but also assumes the role of the primary editor for the BFIS news and blog. Her mission is to artfully narrate the rich tapestry of our school’s history and convey to our stakeholders the myriad of extraordinary learning experiences that our students encounter on a daily basis at BFIS.


Charo’s dedication to her role as the torchbearer of BFIS’s story ensures that our institution’s accomplishments and the remarkable journeys of our students are illuminated for all to see, serving as a source of inspiration and pride for our entire community.


Charo graduated in advertising and Public Relations from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and got her Master’s degree in Communication from EAE Business School in Barcelona. She is also a Certified Executive Coach from the European Coaching School.