Staff Editors

Emma Kerr

Early Childhood and Elementary Librarian

Emma is originally from Scotland and in 1992 moved to the U.S. She studied the main body of her degree at California State University, San Marcos where she received her university degree and teaching credential. Emma has also been a student at University of Connecticut, Rutgers University and the University of Strathclyde.  She lived and taught in Southern California until 1999 when she moved to Barcelona to continue teaching. She began her teaching life here at BFIS in 2005.


Throughout her teaching career, Emma has taught every grade from Nursery to Grade 5.  When the school grew, so did the library and in 2016, Emma had the opportunity to become our Early Childhood and Elementary librarian.  Emma went on to complete her Masters degree at the University of Sheffield in Library Science and Information Management.


Emma has aligned the library literacy goals with Teachers College Reading  and Writing Project.  Shel also be following the standards outlined by the American Association of School Librarians (AASL),  Standards Framework for Learners.  


Emma’s goal is to build a bridge between the classroom and the library by creating a supportive connection with our literacy, social studies and science programs.  She works with individual teachers as well as our Instructional Coaches to put in place a curriculum that supports and augments learning in the classroom.