Staff Editors

Eva Gausa

Spanish Social Studies Teacher

Spanish Technical Director

Spanish Universities Counselor

Eva Gausa was born and raised in Barcelona. Her journey through the world of academia has been nothing short of impressive. She holds a distinguished academic record, having earned her degree in archaeology and ancient history from the University of Barcelona, as well as a second degree from Hull University in the United Kingdom.


Her passion for preserving cultural heritage led her to pursue a degree in the restoration of cultural assets, further enriching her knowledge and expertise. Eva’s dedication to education is evident in her teaching credentials, as she holds a teaching certificate from the University of Barcelona. In addition to these accomplishments, she has attained a master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Administration from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, demonstrating her commitment to both her own professional development and the betterment of educational practices.


Eva’s journey at BFIS (Benjamin Franklin International School) began in 1999 when she joined us as a Middle and High School Geography and Spanish History teacher. Her impact on the school community was soon recognized, as she was appointed Head of the Social Studies Department from 2007 to 2009. During this time, she played an important role in shaping the Spanish Social Studies curriculum and fostering a dynamic learning environment.


In 2007, Eva extended her appointment as Head of the Spanish Department, a testament to her enduring commitment to her students and her field of expertise.

Since 2013, Eva has taken on the crucial role of Spanish Technical Director at BFIS, where she has been instrumental in guiding students through Spanish accreditation processes. Her wealth of knowledge and experience has been a valuable resource for students pursuing their educational goals in Spanish universities. Moreover, she has played a pivotal role in overseeing the admissions process for students aiming to enter Spanish universities, ensuring that they receive the support and guidance they need to succeed.


Beyond her teaching and administrative roles, Eva serves as the primary contact point between the school and the Spanish educational administration. Her expertise in educational matters and her commitment to maintaining strong ties with relevant authorities have contributed to BFIS’s continued success and adherence to Spanish educational mandatory standards.


In summary, Eva’s remarkable journey from her Barcelona roots to her multifaceted career at BFIS is a testament to her unwavering dedication to education, her commitment to preserving cultural heritage, and her invaluable contributions to the school community. Her passion for teaching, and leadership, and her role in bridging the gap between students and Spanish educational institutions make her an indispensable asset to BFIS and its mission of academic excellence.