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Kristy Csensich

Head of Elementary

Kristy Csensich Head of Elementary

Kristy’s roots trace back to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a place steeped in a deep passion for its sports teams – the Steelers, Pirates, and Penguins. It’s a city she lovingly calls ‘home.’ However, her life’s journey has led her to cultivate another cherished home in Chicago, Illinois. In the Windy City, she wore many hats, serving as a special education teacher, classroom teacher, and associate principal, and eventually ascending to the role of elementary principal across several schools in the north/northwest region.


As her career evolved, Kristy felt a calling to fuse her love for teaching, her thirst for adventure, and her passion for community service. This led her to embark on a new chapter in Peru, where she dedicated four years of her life as the elementary associate principal at Colegio Roosevelt, the American School of Lima. From there, her educational odyssey carried her to the Middle East. In Oman, she returned to the classroom at ABA Oman International School imparting knowledge and shaping young minds. Her journey continued as she ventured to the American School of Dubai assuming the role of elementary associate principal.


In September 2021, Kristy found her way to Barcelona, joining BFIS as the Head of Elementary School.


Her educational foundation is solid, boasting a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and Exceptional Education, earned at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Furthermore, she holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership, a testament to her commitment to educational excellence, which she obtained from the esteemed National Louis University.


With a diverse and rich tapestry of experiences, Kristy brings a wealth of knowledge, dedication, and a global perspective to her role at BFIS, ensuring a bright future for the school’s elementary students.