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Lila Jorge

Head of School 

Lila Jorge, Associate Head of School

Lila Jorge, hailing from Manhattan, brings a diverse background to her role as Assistant Head of School at the Benjamin Franklin International School in Barcelona.

With a career spanning over 28 years in education, school leadership, and faculty roles in higher education in both Southern California and New York City, Lila’s journey has taken her from the affluent neighborhoods of Chelsea, NYC, to the world of Quaker education and eventually to the transformative and dynamic landscape of the South Bronx, where she successfully orchestrated an award-winning school turnaround.


Lila joined BFIS  in 2017 as Head of Elementary School and she was appointed Associate Head of School in 2020. In this role, she shoulders the responsibility of leading the Child Protection team and overseeing related activities, thereby ensuring the safety and well-being of all students. Additionally, she spearheads staff professional development initiatives, nurturing the growth and expertise of the educators at BFIS. Furthermore, Lila plays a pivotal role in supporting the Head of School in achieving academic leadership and guiding the development and delivery of innovative learning and teaching activities.


Raised by Dominican parents, Lila is a mother of two bi-racial/cultural children and shares her life with a spouse from another culture, embracing the richness of global perspectives. She is deeply committed to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice (DEIJ), with a strong belief in fostering a learning environment where all students can thrive and find their voice and sense of belonging.

Lila is a passionate advocate for Safeguarding in schools, committed to learning more about creating and nurturing safe learning environments. She frequently conducts workshops and training sessions on DEIJ and Safeguarding, serving on the Advisory Board of the Global Safeguarding Collaborative.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Lila finds joy in the companionship of her adopted rescue dog, Juno. In addition to her work and her four-legged companion, she is currently engaged in her Ph.D. studies at Claremont Graduate University.

She holds a BA from Colgate University, an MA from Claremont Graduate University, and a Postgraduate in Culturally Responsive and Educational Leadership Administration from the NYC Leadership Academy and Stonybrook University.