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Summer Camp 2019

Monday, July 8, 2019

Science Summer Camp with Dani Jimenez in La Molina

Day One

The students had a great first day! They played getting-to-know-you games outside, had lunch, hung out with Dani Jimenez and his team of scientists, participated in a Science Competition where they had to solve 12 science experiments in a short period of time, created posters to decorate their rooms, and are now playing hide and seek in the hotel (restricted areas, of course). After dinner they also enjoyed a Night Science Show! The kids had a blast! 

Day Two

Day two started with a zumba dance class right after breakfast. Our students were divided by age and then into teams. Our groups had an amazing workshop on flight and drones with Dani and the Drones Team. Students had a chance to build drones and fly them and see a professional competitive drone pilot show us how fast and far the larger drones can go. After lunch the groups went on an Orienteering Hike where teams had to use a map to find over 20 markers hidden in the forest. They found all of them in under 2 hours! 

After a snack, the kids headed to the pool for some fun! On Day 2 it was lovely to see all of our students making friends with students from the other schools. (The head camp counselor, Sergio, is a man of many talents. Besides being an activities coordinator, he plays the guitar, teaches zumba, and is a professional stunt double for movies and videos. Needless to say, even though he is strict, our kids are impressed!). Another fun day at camp! 

Day Three

Another great day at camp! After breakfast we all practiced our zumba skills and you could see a major improvement today. That warmed us up for the almost 2 km hike to the lake where we took out the paddle boats and enjoyed the gorgeous wether and views of the mountains and trees. There was a fun playground next to the lake and when we were all tired of playing we rested in the shade and had a snack. We hiked back to the hotel and everyone was starving and ate super well at lunch. After lunch, Dani Jimenez came to present the Paleontology Workshop and the kids had to go on a dinosaur bone hunt through the entire hotel until all 30 bones were found and then assemble the dinosaur before doing the workshop. Another swim in the pool to finish off the afternoon and then up to the rooms to shower and get the rooms ready for room checks tonight and another evening of group activities!

Day Four 

This morning our students went tubing, the same one that works in the winter, but instead of ice and snow it had water today.  It was surprisingly fast even in the summer! Then the groups met up with Dani and his 3D Printer Team. We were shown many interesting objects made with a 3D printer including reproductions of body parts, reproductions of famous works of art, toys and jewelry. Tied to the 3D printer workshop was a session on friction and students were asked to design and build air hockey pucks that worked, first by hand, and then using the computers to design a printable puck.  These workshops continued after lunch. We took a bunch of group photos with Dani Jimenez on the hill and then it was time for the La Molina Olympic Games outside in the great weather. Afterwards, we headed down to the pool and then dinner before we started our evening activities!  No one can believe tomorrow is our last full day at camp! It has gone so fast!

Day Five

Today was an amazing day. We took the cable cars (telecabinas) and then walked up for about 30 more minutes until we got to the highest peak of La Molina called La Tossa at 2537 km above sea level. Once there we learned about the flora and fauna of the mountain and used science kits to collect samples of insects, plants and bones to study and discuss.  After lunch, the students were divided into groups by age and had different robotics projects to create, either a working train, a robot, or a cable car that could go up hill. Our BFIS students enjoyed the challenges and the robotics team was impressed by how easily they understood the challenges thanks to the work they had done in their classrooms during the year with the Lego robotics program. 

There was still time left over in the afternoon for swimming in the pool. After dinner we had another nighttime show with Dani and then a party and disco to celebrate our last night.