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Summer School

Friday, July 3, 2020

One of our many goals for our students as the Covid19 situation began was to continue to maximize academic progress and to ensure our students do not fall behind in any way. We feel great about the academic progress made during this time in all grade levels, the covering of the academic standards and the readiness of children to progress to their new grade next year.  To consolidate this even more, we have even offered further continued learning this summer to all BFIS children in the school at no cost which includes summer camp for Nursery to grade 2, Online math consolidation for grades 3-10, and IB Boot Camp for grade 11 students.  This was a great addition for students and families that wanted to consolidate their child's learning from this unique school year. 

This summer programs were a total success and we were so happy to see them back again on our campus.