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Annual Fund Campaign


Our BFIS Mission and Vision challenges us to engage our diverse school community in the pursuit of educational excellence and success for all students. Around the world, the high educational standards to which we aspire continue to be raised as curricula evolve, new learning tools are developed and the social and emotional needs of students are better understood.

Beginning in Fall 2022, we are implementing ‘Accelerators’ that  support programs and instructional resources that will take student learning further. Accelerator projects for the next three years will be organized around our strategic pillars: Experiential Learning; Creativity and Innovation and Individual Potential. Examples are new and renovated learning spaces, new programs and new equipment that will lead to new class offerings both during and beyond the school day that will extend and enrich a BFIS education. Please, consider making a donation of any size to support our school's effforts on behalf of all the BFIS children and families. 


Annual Fund Campaign 2020-2021

Having experienced a school closure for almost 4 months in a row due to COVID-19 during the previous school year, the school administration and BFIS families worked together to take every action possible to keep the school open for in-person education. Together, we created the BFIS COVID taskforce to exhaustively examine options for lowering the risk o a widespread school confinement, and carried out frequent COVID testing for all community members who were regularly on campus.

Soon after the start of the school, a COVID PREVENTION FUND was designed to cover the expenses of custom PCR testing protocols for staff and students throughout the school year. We are deeply grateful to all the BFIS members of our community that contributed to the Annual Fund to keep our community safe and to help us upgrade the students learning experience at BFIS.


Total Funds Raised: 110,822€

IB Computer Science Program: 45,472 €

COVID-19 Prevention Fund: 65,350 €

Annual Fund Campaign 2019-2020

Funds raised throughout the year:

  • 25,000 € for IB French Course
  • 20,000 € for Teachers Professional Development
  • 600 € for MS/HS Art Department
  • 2,335 € from the BFIS Parents' Night Out that will finance part of the new Elementary Blue Patio
  • 16,807 € for the Talent Development Program
  • 28,000 € for the IB Computer Science Program 

Total fund raised: 92,764 €

Annual Fund Campaign 2018-2019

" Do you care about your world?" ... I will try my best to save our world and I hope you do too!  (Olivia Alfonso Ferreira, BFIS 3rd Grade student, May 2019)

With the guidance of the Going Green Committee, students of the Going Green Club have had many opportunities to carry out educational initiatives and activities, beginning with the all-school audit. The audit helped us to identify our areas of improvement and action steps to meet our goals. This year's goals were to start recycling, reduce/eliminate single-use plastics and enhance education about environmental issues. Here's how we stacked up:

Recycling & Environmental Education

  • The High School Going Green Club placed new recycling bins around each campuse and introduced a recycling initiative during the MS & HS assemblies to show students how to recycle and what waste goes in which bin. Elementary students shared the initiative during morning announcements and a committee member introduced this initiative to staff during PACT time as well.
  • Club members participated in a field trip to the “Ecoparc” waste separation and incineration facility and shared learnings and reflections to the community.
  • Students and staff participated in a survey regarding cafeteria food and waste to understand how we might reduce food waste. We have identified the need of recycling stations and signage to help our community dispose of waste properly. With money raised by the BFIS Annual Fund's Go Green Campaign, two recycling stations will be purchase and mounted in the cafeteria by the 2019/2020 academic school year.
  • Club members met with kitchen staff to introduce them to our waste reduction initiatives and confirmed their waste management practices were in-line.
  • Students raised awareness among staff members about excessive photocopying (numbers, problems, and solutions). The data shared by admin indicated a reduction in photocopying for the month!
  • Earth Day activities were created: project competition for MS & HS students, a kahoots used in the MS & HS wellbeing classes (G6-7 environment, G8-10 climate change) and a list of brainstormed Earth Day activities was shared with ES teachers for use with their classes.
  • Long- term curricular integration of environmental education will be discussed as an option for the school’s new flex programs (ES Flex Friday, MS/HS flex period).


Single-use plastic

  • Student met with the Foundation Board and Head of School to present their call to action and request commitment to achieve a higher standard for the conservation of the environment. Thanks to the approval of Mr. Boudreau, BFIS will now be a PLASTIC FREE campus beginning the 2019/2020 academic school year!
Annual Fund Campaign 2017-2018



Current amount donated towards the BFIS Fund in support of th2 2017-2018  campaign and school-wide programs:
  • 100% Foundation Board Participation

  • BFIS Fund 2017-2018:  € 18,665 

  • Gala Event: €16.135 (after expenses)

  • Major Donors:  € 85,000

  • Donations to US Fund: € 7,560.19

  • TOTAL: €127,351

Annual Fund Campagin 2016-2017
Raised: 65,062 €

It is clear that in order to prepare our students to lead in a 21st century work environment, we have to provide a 21st century learning environment. The brand new BFIS Strategic Plan created in 2017 has set a very high priority on creating this environment in all divisions of the school. This year, the money raised through the BFIS Fund will be invested in implementing technology initiatives for our students from K-12. It means:

— The continuation of our Lego Robotics K-5.
— The addition of interactive whiteboards throughout the ES.
— And the preparation for a 1:1 laptop environment in MS/HS.


Annual Fund Campaign 2015-2016
Raised: 56.000 €


Annual Fund Campaign 2014-2015
Raised: 63,870€

Annual Fund Campaign 2013-2014
Raised: 151,075 € 
Annual Fund Campaign 2012-2013
Raised: 189,797 €