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New Middle School Building

We believe in giving adolescents  every opportunity to develop their character at this integral phase of their lives. The first step in doing that is with the construction of this new building, dedicated to middle school students and both their educational and socio-emotional needs. The new middle school building supports  future-focused instruction and assessment with larger classrooms, equipped labs with technology integration and spaces to create and design. A building that is giving middle school students everything they need in order to grow during these formative years. 


DECEMBER 2nd 2019

The construction of the new building is underway according to the planned time and budget. The second floor of the building is almost finished and the construction team will continue working during the winter holidays on the building structure. It is great to see how fast the building goes up. Soon we will start planning the interior design and furniture. 

AUGUST 21st 2019

Construction of the new MS building is going on time and on budget. This summer the construction company cleared and leveled the land, moved all materials to and from site and prepared the grounds for building foundations. In July, we were informed of modifications from the original construction plan that will impact the ES.  The construction work will necessitate the use of the entire ES Court and playground. We had thought we would have some space there for kids to play, but it is not possible for this school year.  On the ES, that will continue to challenge us this year. Lila and Caroline have been working hard to plan around it, and the new schedule actually helps a lot, but space will certainly be an issue.  The great news is that this will only be for one year and then we will have significant play and classroom space.


JULY 19th 2019

Phase 3 is going as planned. Modules have been completely removed and construction workers are preparing the grounds to start excavations in August.

.    ​   

MAY 27th. 2019

Phase 3:  In this phase, the construction company and the construction technicians (all competent and qualified professionals experienced in working in school environments while school is in session) will start with the removal of the Elementary modules. It is more a removal than a demolition project. Both the school and the company in charge of this project have taken the necessary measures to comply with the many local and national regulations regarding building removal, as well as health and safety protocols. 

External Safety Coordinator: The school will have an External Safety Coordinator acting as a consultant for BFIS regarding safety issues. This Safety Coordinator will be working with BFIS throughout the whole construction project. 

Construction Company: The construction company is the same one that built the classrooms in the Elementary Building ground floor. 

Trees: The construction of the Middle School building will affect some trees in the Elementary patio. This project went through the supervision and approval of the Department of Parks and Gardens of the city of Barcelona and it includes the restitution of trees removed by others of similar characteristics. BFIS, as a school committed to the preservation of the environment, is aware of the importance of restituting those trees. This will be done once the construction of the building is completed.

Why now? The school is starting this phase at this moment in order to initialize the digging works in July-August. If we delay this phase until the end of the school year, the digging phase, which is the most disturbing one, will also be delayed one month and will coincide with the start of next school year. We want to make sure that by September 1st  the digging phase is done.

Play space: The Elementary School division is the one most affected by this project. The Elementary Patio (soft spongy tiled) will be closed. Children will play in the rooftop patio and the blue patio, behind the Orwell building. We are aware that we will not have as much playing space as before and we need to be more creative about how to use the space that we have now. We are working on it. 

Video of the new Middle School building 
Project Details 
  • Project: 2.550 m2 (built area)
  • Architecture Firm: XG Arquitectura
  • Classrooms: 15 classrooms (between 50 and 55 m2)
  • Science Labs: 2 (80 m2 each)
  • Design Lab: 1 (77 m2)z<
  • Meeting rooms: 3
  • Bathrooms:  2 per floor
  • Staircases: 2
  • Library Media Center: 1 (450 m2)
  • Flexible seating in all classrooms
  • High efficiency heat and AC.
  • Rooftop area : 300 m2
  • Storage room: 93 m2
  • Offices:  3 (9 m2 each)
  • Social space for students on each floor
  • Learning support Room: 18,3 m2
  • Language lab: 21 m2
  • Changing rooms for gym: 3 (64 m2)
  • Security booth + resting room: 15 m2 
Building a Learning Environment for the 21st Century Curriculum

BFIS was born from the desire for progressive education. Yet the world looked different 32 years ago. Education has changed. The skills needed to enter the workforce have changed. Even our understanding of students’ emotional development has changed.  

We Are Embarking on New Chapter to Take Middle School Education to the Next Level

We believe in giving adolescents every opportunity to develop their character at this integral phase of their lives. The first step in doing that is with the construction of a new building, dedicated to them and their needs.  A building that supports future-focused instruction and assessment. A building that will give middle school students everything they need in order to grow during these formative years.



Help us to accelerate our Facilities Plan 

Such an important project will require investment. BFIS is ready to do just that, but we need your support to accelerate the facilities plan. Once your donations help us meet our financial commitments for the MS, this will also allow us to start allocating resources into the high school campus, which we plan to completely transform as soon as possible. As our founders before us, we need to come together as a community to ensure BFIS continues to impact students lives—and prepare them for an ever-evolving world. Please, help us accelerate our campus transformation. 

Questions and Answers

What is the total Cost of the Middle School Building ?

Construction of middle school building, including architects, legal fees and consultants:€4.400,00M
Additional costs include: 

  • Transition costs (moving, storage): €60,000
  • Power Station: €200,000
  • Technology integration: €400,000
  • Furnishings and equipment: €340,000
  • First floor elementary school renovation: €701,000
  • Cost of associated works to prepare the school for construction: €82.000
How will this project be funded?

The MS building will be financed partly through yearly tuition fees and partly through community donations.  We have secured bridge funding so that all financial contributions made by our community can go directly toward the cost of the building, thus reducing the need for using tuition fees.  An fundraising effort will begin in the new year.  The faster we can get this building paid off, the faster we can begin the next phase of facility development, specifically, the high school.  


Who is doing this work?

After a thorough and competitive process, we have selected the architecture firm, XG Arquitectura, to build the project, although the specific contractor has not yet been determined. We will ask for these bids in early 2019. 

How many students is the new Middle School building designed for?

The new building can accommodate as many as 200 - 220 students.  

What is the anticipated disruption to the students during construction?

As with any construction, there will be some noise during school hours. However, we expect minimal disruption. Major disruptive works will be done during summer vacation and holiday breaks. 

There will be some changes in the Elementary School campus such as: 

- The sports court will closed;

-The Elementary patio will be also closed and students will have access to the rooftop patio and blue patio during these times.

- Entrance to the Elementary campus and MS/HS campus will be through the gates on Martorell i Peña. New security booths will be built at these locations as well. 

- Some classes presently in the modules will be moved to the MS/HS building.



What safety measures will be instituted during construction of the new school?

We will only be considering contractors that have worked with schools that, while in session, have undergone a construction project. This will ensure these contractors are aware and experienced with all of the very unique safety needs of a school during a construction project.  Our team will be evaluating the safety plan presented as we evaluate the entire project.  

Why do we need to build a new building now?

The strategic planning process completed in 2017 highlighted this as a very significant priority. We agree.  We believe this is the right time to execute Phase 2 of the long term facilities plan.  

From an educational standpoint, what will the new building offer to our students that the current building cannot?

1. A Library: The library will be the hub of the building and provide a staple of what we do. This state of the art working space will have features like movable walls and curved bookshelves on wheels for changing the size of the spaces, coves with monitors to connect to laptops, high top adjustable whiteboard surface tables, and a student-run tech support center. There will be a variety of cozy places to read and flexible workspaces.

2. Labs: Members of the science department have been working with an architect to design spacious, flexible laboratories with the entire infrastructure needed to carry out stimulating lab work and engineering projects. The new building will make space for them to deliver the Next Generation Science Standards curriculum.

3. Classrooms: Our middle school classrooms will have desk configuration flexibility to create the opportunity for both individual and group learning options. There will be monitors for students to plug in and project, as well as full whiteboard walls. These things create an educational environment that is student-centered, and promotes creativity and collaboration.

4. Social Spaces: Part of development at this age is the ability to appropriately interact with their peers in formal and informal settings. That is why there are social spaces built into all facilities inside the building for middle school students only—even down to the hallway which will include benches for students to gather.

5. Design Lab: To encourage creativity, facilitate design-thinking, and allow for the development of prototypes and products, this space will include cutting edge design equipment, tools and materials.

6. Collaboratory: A Collaboratory will be a dedicated space for teachers to design learning experiences for students. Educators will have a dedicated space with a professional library of resources, the latest technology at their fingertips, space to meet in small or large groups, white boards lining the walls to write on, and most of all—a place to inspire each other to take education to the next level.

Will the educational programs be different in the new building?

The new facilities will help us provide the learning environment that is consistent with the progressive and exciting curriculum our educators are creating. The new spaces will facilitate collaboration, creativity, exploration, cognitive flexibility, community involvement, play, reflection, adventurousness and problem solving.  

Will the High School Building be remodeled as well?

The facilities plan acknowledges structural changes for the High School. With your help, the school will be able to start allocating resources into the High School campus, which we plan to transform as soon as possible,  depending on contributions received from the BFIS community and major donors.   The immediate benefit for the HS students is that they will have plenty of more room in their building without the MS students there.  This will lead to a reformation of the classroom and spaces to better meet their needs.


We can't donate large amounts of money. Would our donation make any difference?

Yes. Every donation counts. Even small contributions can go  a long way in helping us achieve our goals. 

Where will all the current classes in the modules be temporarily housed?

We are building new classrooms within the Elementary covered patio that will temporarily house some Middle School classrooms and the ES Art classroom until construction is completed. Additionally, Spanish and Catalan classes will take place in the students' homeroom classroom during the construction phase.  

Any other questions?

Please send us any other questions or concerns that you may have at We will get back to  you as soon as possible