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Projects Update




Current amount donated towards the BFIS Fund in support of this year's campaign and school-wide programs:
  • 100% Foundation Board Participation

  • BFIS Fund 2017-2018:  € 18,665 

  • Gala Event: €16.135 (after expenses)

  • Major Donors:  € 85,000

  • Donations to US Fund: € 7,560.19

  • TOTAL: €127,351

Annual Fund Campagin 2016-2017
Raised: 65,062 €

It is clear that in order to prepare our students to lead in a 21st century work environment, we have to provide a 21st century learning environment. The brand new BFIS Strategic Plan created in 2017 has set a very high priority on creating this environment in all divisions of the school. This year, the money raised through the BFIS Fund will be invested in implementing technology initiatives for our students from K-12. It means:

— The continuation of our Lego Robotics K-5.
— The addition of interactive whiteboards throughout the ES.
— And the preparation for a 1:1 laptop environment in MS/HS.


Annual Fund Campaign 2015-2016
Raised: 56.000 €


Annual Fund Campaign 2014-2015
Raised: 63,870€

Annual Fund Campaign 2013-2014
Raised: 151,075 € 
Annual Fund Campaign 2012-2013
Raised: 189,797 €