Thunder Kites in their First Tech Challenge!

We congratulate our high school robotics team, the Thunder Kites, for their outstanding debut representing the BFIS Robotics team at the FIRST Tech Challenge in Delft, Netherlands. Being Spain’s sole representatives, they secured two victories and demonstrated admirable sportmanship and resilience, starting on a challenging note but progressively excelling in subsequent sessions.

The event marked their inaugural competition, brimming with excitement and a touch of nervous anticipation after weeks of diligent preparation. We extend our gratitude to the Gentlebotz team from Breda for mentoring our team, and to BFIS alumnus Miguel for showing us around Delft University of Technology.

INSTAGRAM: Follow our Thunder Kites on their Instagram Account: Thunder-Kites

PODCAST: Listen to the First Tech Challenge Podcast from Benelux featuring our Thunder-Kites

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