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Waves Engineering Project

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Our grade 9 and 10 students participated in an engineering design challenge on the concept of wave propagation. The challenge called for students to build a device to propagate waves. The winning design is the engineering device  that propagates waves the slowest. Students have to work with different variables to find out which ones influence wave speed.  Questions, building models, observations, tests, failures, possible solutions, more practices,  observations… Students were deeply engaged for a few hours in building and testing their devices. These type of science and engineering projects deepen students’ knowledge by developing their own explanations about the phenomena under investigation.

As Next Generation of Science Standards states “In the future, science assessments will not assess students’ understanding of core ideas separately from their abilities to use the practices of science and engineering. They will be assessed together, showing students not only “know” science concepts; but also, students can use their understanding to investigate the natural world through the practices of science inquiry, or solve meaningful problems through the practices of engineering design.”